Breathing Air Filtration

Breathing Air Filtration IATT offer a full range of Breathing Air Filtration packs and systems from a two man station to full medical Breathing Air Filtration treatment packages.

All equipment is designed and manufactured in line with the latest BS, HTM and European Pharmacopeia standards. All Breathing Air Filtration systems can be installed and validated in-line with current legislation by our nationwide support team. All systems can be installed with remote and additional alarms for added peace of mind.

Our Breathing Air Filtration packages are designed to operate from compressed air supplied from a range of sources. They can be used as point-of-use breathing air filters. The packs contain pre-filtration, coalescing grade filters and activated carbon vapour removal filters.

IATT Breathing Air Filtration systems can also be used in applications in the food, drink, dairy and beverages industry where compressed air must be free of hydrocarbons odour or taste.

Delivered with Service Excellence.

For more information about the range of IATT Breathing Air Filtration, please contact us.

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