Instrument Air Dryer

IATT offer an extensive range of Instrument Air Dryer for use in the drying of compressed air.

Instrument Air Dryer is an efficient and cost effective way of removing moisture from compressed air ensuring it is dry and when compressed air filtration is also used, clean and oil free for use. Instrument Air Dryer can provide a pressure dew point from -20°C to -70°C, typically operating at -70°C at 7 barg pressure. With a wide range of flow rates available from the IATT range of Instrument Air Dryer can be used in a wide range of applications to protect pneumatic equipment and processes from the destructive and costly degradation from compressed air moisture.

Instrument Air Dryer Service and Maintenance
IATT also offer full service and maintenance of Instrument Air Dryer from an extensive network of professional service engineers throughout the UK.

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