Zero Loss Automatic Drains

Draining condensed oil and water from compressed air lines and compressed air filters needs to be done efficiently and automatically to endure that any liquids are removed from the system and do not contaminate the pipework and application.

IATT offer zero loss condensate drains [also know as no-loss Automatic Drains] with electronic level control for compressed air condensate management applications.

Applications for Zero Loss Automatic Drains

  • Condensate Drains
  • Air Compressor Drain
  • Auto Drain
  • Coalescing Filter Drain
  • After-Cooler Separators Drain
  • Refrigerated Dryer Drain
  • Air Receiver Tanks
  • Ingle Tower Deliquescent Dryers
  • Drop Legs And Pipework Low Points
  • Compressed Air Pipework Systems

Known for their energy efficiency since they don't waste compressed air, no-loss, also called zero-loss automatic drain valves can often pay for themselves in a matter of weeks.

Zero Loss Automatic Drains are an innovative automatic drain system designed for all Compressed Air Condensate Management applications such as refrigeration driers, compressor aftercoolers, compressed air receivers, pipework, and inline compressed air filters.

Zero Loss Automatic Drains operate without clogging or any waste or loss of compressed air by using a highly reliable level sensor. They comprise a large drain duct with a servo controlled fluoroelastomeric membrane and an inner stainless steel filter to hold impurities. The filter can be inspected and cleaned.

Applications for Zero Loss Automatic Drains

  • Zero Loss Drain System
  • Compact Design
  • Excellent Price/Product Performance
  • Integrated Filter to Collect Contaminated Condensate
  • FKM (fluoroelastomer) Membrane
  • Ideal for OEM Applications

They are extremely easy to install taking up a small space due to its extremely compact size and “Easy Lock” connection system.

IATT supply, install and service Zero Loss Automatic Drains using our dedicated team of factory trained engineers strategically located throughout the UK.

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