Medium Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryer

Medium Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryer


Up to 200 scfm [340 Nm3/hr]

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Depending on your application there are two different options for a Medium Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryer:

  • Standard Refrigeration Dryers
  • Thermal Mass Refrigeration Dryers

IATT are expert at selecting the right compressed air dryer for your application and will recommend the best one for you.

The IATT I-DRY® range of compressed air dryers is the result of decades of developing solutions designed by highly skilled technicians using the most advanced technologies available. Innovation, Quality and Efficiency are the prime driving factors in compressed air desiccant and refrigeration dryer manufacture.

I-DRY® Range of Medium Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryer

From small, medium to large flow rate options, the range is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of industrial and manufacturing applications.


The IATT range of Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryers off unique design benefits that optimise efficiency, offer low cost of ownership and reduced energy consumption. They provide innovative and reliable dryer technology.

Thermal Mass Refrigeration Dryers

IATT supply, install and service Thermal Mass Refrigeration Dryers. This range of dryer has duel drying technologies that are robust and reliable. Using the latest energy efficient aluminium heat exchangers and thermal mass results in a compact highly efficient dryer.

Benefits of Thermal Mass Refrigeration Dryers:

  • Energy Efficient Operation
  • Optimal Low Pressure Dew Point
  • Constant Dew Point
  • Advanced Control
  • Remote on/off
  • Reliable Compressed Air Quality


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