Typical Installation for Thermal Mass Compressed Air Refrigeration Dryer

Dry Compressed Air (3°C Dew Point)

hermal MassRefrigeration Dryer Installation

1 – Atmospheric Air
Filled with Moisture and Dirt Particles

2 – Bulk Liquid Water Removal
Fitted with Zero Loss Automatic Drain*

3 – Compressed Air Storage
Fitted with Zero Loss Automatic Drain*

4 – Pre Filter
Removes Bulk Dirt and Water/Oil Liquids

5 – Compressed Air Dryer
Reduces Dew Point and Reduces Water Vapour
Fitted with Zero Loss Automatic Drain*

6 – Final Filtration
Removes Smaller Dirt and Water/Oil Aerosols

7 – Optional Activated Carbon Filter
Removes Oil Vapour and Odours

8 – Point-of-Use Filtration
Installed to Protect Air Tools and Processes

* IATT can also provide Condensate Management for the efficient collection and handling of oil and water discharges in and environmentally correct and legal way.

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