For VERY DRY Compressed Air

You Need a Desiccant Dryer…

Replace an Existing Dryer

We can provide a new compressed air Desiccant Dryer to replace your old one, all we need are a few model, size, pressure and flow rate figures.

Buy a New Dryer

If you need VERY DRY compressed air and it is wet and dirty, then what you need is a new Desiccant Dryer. A few basic sizing figures are all we need to provide you with a new dryer.

Not Sure?

We also provide High Flow Rate Desiccant Dryers… Contact us for more information.

The I-DRY Range of Compressed Air Dryers

The IATT I-DRY® range of compressed air dryers is the result of decades of developing solutions designed by highly skilled technicians using the most advanced technologies available. Innovation, Quality and Efficiency are the prime driving factors in compressed air desiccant and refrigeration dryer manufacture.

High Efficiency Economic Compressed Air Treatment

The IATT Solution to Your Wet and Dirty Compressed Air.