Why Filter Compressed Air?

Compressed Air Filtration

Compressed air is atmospheric air passed through a compressor and reduced in volume by increasing the pressure. Any dirt, water or oil particles in the atmospheric air, from the compressor lubricant, the pipework system or air receiver will enter the compressed air dryer and distribution system causing problems with equipment and damage to manufactured products.

Coalescing pre filtration will remove the bulk water and solid contaminants reducing the dirt and liquid water burden on the dryer which then only needs to remove the water vapour. Final coalescing filtration removes the smaller and submicron sized dirt particles and any remaining oil liquids and aerosols from the compressor. Depending on the application there may also be need to install activated carbon filters to remove oil vapour. A comprehensive approach to compressed air treatment using correctly installed and sized filtration and refrigeration dyer is recommended by IATT to produce clean dry compressed air for point of use applications.