Do You Need Dry Compressed Air?

If You Are You Struggling with…

Wet Compressed Air? or Dirty Compressed Air?

IATT offer a complete compressed air drying package to suit all budgets that are designed for small, medium and large size companies.

You don’t need to be a compressed air technician to solve your Wet Compressed Air problem – IATT can help…

What Do You Need…

Compressed Air?

(3°C Dew Point)

Compressed Air?

(-40°C Dew Point and Less)

The I-DRY Range of Compressed Air Dryers

The IATT I-DRY® range of compressed air dryers is the result of decades of developing solutions designed by highly skilled technicians using the most advanced technologies available. Innovation, Quality and Efficiency are the prime driving factors in compressed air desiccant and refrigeration dryer manufacture.

High Efficiency Economic Compressed Air Treatment

The IATT Solution to Your Wet and Dirty Compressed Air.